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Churchwide – Tuesday P.M.

Share the post “Churchwide – Tuesday P.M.” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint It was the busiest day so far. Late in the afternoon session, the discussion of the sexuality resolutions came up. It was held as a quasi quorum as a whole. It is basically a parliamentary thing where the governing session is adjourned, the Bishop remains presiding, and is an open time for discussion where no motions can…

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Churchwide – Wednesday Lunch Report

Share the post “Churchwide – Wednesday Lunch Report” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint This morning we covered a variety of topics in session. One of the most interesting things was a keynote from an African Bishop. I am sorry that I do not have here name with me. She was so dynamic. She spoke about discrimination of females in Africa and the terrible crimes against humanity. At one point…

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Churchwide – Tuesday Summary

Share the post “Churchwide – Tuesday Summary” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint Yesterday was a pretty routine assembly day. The business of the assembly was routine with the approval of 2 pretty tame memorials. I did enjoy worship. They used setting 8 with contemporary and Hispanic hymns. It was very uplifting. Last night was very memorable. I went for Chicago pizza with Paul and Karen Jolly and Ruth Beeson,…

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LC/NA Churchwide – Monday Summary

Share the post “LC/NA Churchwide – Monday Summary” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint Here’s a good summary of Monday’s events from the Lutherans Concerned web site. Here is a look at the booklets being distributed. They are really a hit. People are talking about them and reading them. Share the post “LC/NA Churchwide – Monday Summary” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Print Email

Churchwide – Tuesday Early Morning

Share the post “Churchwide – Tuesday Early Morning” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint Yesterday was a long day. The plenary session ended at 9:30 p.m. Pr. Don King and I walked back to the Hyatt. We then went to the Goodsoil wine and cheese reception and evening worship service. It was standing room only! This morning I can tell you more about the pastors coming out. A press conference…

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Churchwide – Monday P.M.

Share the post “Churchwide – Monday P.M.” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint A full day for sure! I still have the 1st plenary session and the Goodsoil Reception tonight. I attended the new voting member orientation. It was very informative. I am meeting our delegation. It is a nice group. It seems pretty affirming; at least I must attract them. Well, my rainbow RIC pin probably helps. Opening worship…

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Churchwide – Monday A.M.

Share the post “Churchwide – Monday A.M.” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint This morning a group of LC Regional Coordinators went to breakfast off Michigan Avenue. While chatting, several people approached us seeing some of our LC/RIC lapel pins and shirts. We discovered several allies. It was nice to see. After breakfast we met in Goodsoil Central at the Hyatt, our work and welcoming space for allies. The photos…

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LC/NA Day 1 Summary

Share the post “LC/NA Day 1 Summary” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint I will try to post these email updades I will receive from Lutherans Concerned this week. Here’s the first installment… Here we are at the beginning of the 2007 ELCA Churchwide Assembly in Chicago. Temperature in the mid-80s. They called it Mostly Cloudy. Some of the day was downright wet, and not because of the 68% humidity….

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Pastors Come Out… Maybe

Share the post “Pastors Come Out… Maybe” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint A friend emailed me a link to a story in the Austin American Statesmen. The story told of a press conference at Churchwide Assembly where more than 80 Lutheran ministers will go public with their homosexual identity and come out to the church about their gay relationships. Wow! I haven’t been able to confirm this, but it…

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Tom’s Story

Share the post “Tom’s Story” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint I was asked to contribute my story as a gay Christian to a project where experiences of GLBT Lutherans are being compiled for publication. I decided to post it here. Tom’s Story I was born and raised in a rural Midwestern industrial city in the 50s and 60s where church and family were one. My family attended a large…

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