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One man’s journey where diet + fitness + health + wellness = happiness

FB_IMG_13973034004097585There is no single answer to what brings happiness into our lives. In late 2010, I invested a good bit of time in developing a wellness vision. During that process, I found that wellness was just one part of the formula that defined happiness for me.

My wellness vision defines how I live my life as a happy, healthy, active person. Gone are the days of my perennial New Year resolutions of losing weight and exercising more. This vision is supported by goals that guide me in achieving wellness. This approach fits my personality much better than New Year resolutions.

My visioneering process uncovered that I enjoy motivating others. Motivation is a passion that I have found is an essential piece of my wellbeing. I am also an optimist. My blog posts, as well as my life actions, tend to be motivational and optimistic.

This blog is a chronicle of my transformation. I began blogging in 2006 as a heart attack and triple cardiac bypass survivor. In 2008 I refocused the blog on living life as a weight loss surgery post-op. 2009 was a truly transformational time when I discovered a love for cycling. As the years passed, running, hiking and snowshoeing became frequent topics on this blog.

What can you expect on this blog? I write openly about my life experiences. Along the way, I share tidbits on how diet, fitness, health and wellness have become the focus of my life and my pursuit of happiness. You will most likely catch me with an occasional rant or rave on something that just makes me mad or happy. I hope you stay around and visit with me now and then.

Tom Bilcze

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