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2015-10-18 18.41.00What exactly is a wellness vision? It’s a big-picture view of where you want to be in your overall wellness in the coming year. The vision comes to life through realistic, measurable goals that support and move you closer to achieving your wellness vision. Without these goals, you would most likely fail or minimally achieve your vision.

Here is the process I used in a nutshell. I first wrote down everything I wanted to achieve and what I needed to change. I grouped them into broad categories. For each category, I came up with a sentence of where I wanted to be in the coming year. I crafted my wellness vision based on these sentences. Once I had the wellness vision, I revisited my brainstormed items and turned them into measurable goals by which I could measure my progress.

I highly recommend you read this article by Idea Health and Fitness Association on creating a wellness vision. It does a good job of laying out the process in an easy to understand way. Below are seven questions you need to answer when crafting your vision. I urge you to revisit these points frequently as you create your personal wellness vision.

  1. Values: What do you hold dear and want to guide your journey to a healthier person?
  2. Outcomes: How do you see your life next year living this wellness vision?
  3. Behaviors: What things do you want to be a routine part of the new healthier you?
  4. Motivators: What is pushing you to make changes and create a path to better wellness?
  5. Strengths: What strengths, talents and abilities do you have that will make the vision a reality?
  6. Challenges: What obstacles and challenges exist or lay ahead that may hinder you in achieving your goals?
  7. Support: What is your support network that can encourage and move you along the path to wellness?

The process of creating a wellness vision is not a ten minute process. It is challenging and can easily take several weeks. Once you set your initial wellness vision, it becomes the foundation on which you base future wellness visions.

This vision is something that requires you to revisit it on a defined interval, usually every three to six months. Life changes unexpectedly. It is only natural that you realign your wellness vision to accommodate these life changes.

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