2017 Wellness Vision

I am living a healthy and happy retirement life drawing on my life experiences to be an active and engaged member of the community. I look for fun and fulfilling activities that embraces life to the fullest.

My Main Motivators

  • Live the life that is uniquely my own and not defined by others.
  • Live a fun active retirement doing the things I love.
  • Volunteer with organizations that support my passions.
  • Live a life that makes a difference for those around me and in my community.

My main obstacles

  • Controlling my ESTJ (supervisor/executive) personality type that over manages and controls without much flexibility.
  • Being uncertain of what retirement life will actually mean to me.
  • Be comfortable with my community and with my involvement in the community.
  • Restricting over commitments and over extending myself which is my nature.
  • General fear of the unknown; going from a more structured, known work life to a less structured retired life.

My Strategies to Overcome my Obstacles

  • Make a concerted effort to under commit and under schedule allowing for fun time.
  • Seek guidance from others on a happy meaningful retirement; possibly from a life coach.
  • Spend a good bit of time this coming year reflecting on what is really important in my life.
  • Feel freer to do new things but always set and respect boundaries to avoid doing too much.
  • Always ask myself, “Is this really fun?” acknowledging that fun is the word I want to frame my life around.

My Goals

  1. Live a happy retirement. [Details…]
  2. Live a fun active life. [Details…]
  3. Live a happy healthy life. [Details…]

My Goals in Detail

Goal #1: Live a happy retirement.

  1. Use my life experiences, love of volunteerism, and my talents to enjoy a purposeful rewarding retirement that benefits both me and my community.
  2. Explore engaging a life coach to help me achieve my life goals in retirement.

Goal #2: Live a fun active life.

  1. Engage a fitness coach/trainer to help me be a fit person.
  2. Ride my bike, run, hike or engage in at least 3 days of fun physical activity every week.


  1. Enjoy a variety of bicycle tours as a participant and leader/guide to celebrate my retirement.
  2. Cycle at least 2,017 miles in 2017.
  3. Cycle at least three 7 day touring events of 200+ miles.
  4. Participate or become involved with a charity cycling event in my area.
  5. Find and/or build a cycling community in my area that benefits the community and my wellness.


  1. Return to running regularly at least 1 day/ week for 3+ miles.
  2. Run at least 200 miles in 2017.
  3. Find a running community in my area that matches my age, fitness level and running style.
  4. Complete at least one half marathon and 5 shorter races.


  1. Hike at least 1 day/ week for 3+ miles.
  2. Hike and snowshoe at least 200 miles in 2017.
  3. Join a local hiking group and regularly participate in organized hikes at least twice a month.
  4. Widen my area of hiking and knowledge of the trails in central and southern Ohio.

Goal #3: Live a happy healthy life.

  1. Decrease stress by using my time better and eliminating over committing to others.
  2. Find fun new things to do.
  3. Engage in more family activities with my husband.
  4. Deepen my photography skills by participating in photography training and meet-ups.
  5. Return to active blogging with a focus on enjoying retirement years on a bike and in the outdoors.
  6. Determine what faith means to me and explore local faith communities.
  7. Commit to a healthier diet by eating more natural foods and avoiding processed foods.
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