My personal challenge for the year

I am taking a cue from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. He sets a yearly personal challenge. These challenges compel him to learn something new. One of his prior challenges was to learn Mandarin. Like Mark Zuckerberg, I am a learner who wants to continuously grow and expand my knowledge.

My personal challenge for 2019 is to learn American Sign Language(ASL).

This is a very personal challenge for me. One of my best friends is deaf. Being able to converse in ASL is an important part of our friendship. Although I cannot personally know what it means to be a deaf person in the hearing world, I see his frustration of not being included in everyday conversations with me and other hearing friends.

I took Meyers Briggs numerous times through my career. I am an ESTJ if you are curious. The identified personality strengths and weaknesses are spot on. In my final years of employment, I took the Clifton Strengths Assessment. It looks at 34 natural talents and how you can use them to maximize your potential.

I mention the above since one of my ESTJ strengths is to make time to take on something that is the right thing to do. The Clifton Strengths brought out a talent of being a “Learner”. I recognize this trait as being an integral part of who I am in retirement. I need to use my dedication to do the right thing and learner talent to support my personal vision of retirement life. This talent is essential in helping good habits develop from my keystone habits. It enables my goals for the year to be met.

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