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Salsa Verde Chicken or Pork

Share the post “Salsa Verde Chicken or Pork” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint The first tomatillos appeared at a local farmers’ market this week. Three years ago, I never cooked with this vegetable which is foreign to most Midwesterners. I am a farmers’ market junkie and love to shop several each week. That summer a vendor who I purchase from weekly had a huge surplus of tomatillos and was…

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Ever So Easy Crockpot Baked Chicken

Share the post “Ever So Easy Crockpot Baked Chicken” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint A member of my Weight Watchers at Work group shared this healthy low-fat roasted chicken recipe at this week’s meeting. It seemed so bizarre and simple that I had to give it a try. The results were outstanding. Share the post “Ever So Easy Crockpot Baked Chicken” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Print Email

Tom’s Frozen Fruity Protein Shake

Share the post “Tom’s Frozen Fruity Protein Shake” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint I have never liked protein drinks.  Since my bariatric surgery, I have had to get somewhere around 75-80 grams of protein per day in my diet.  A protein shake is the easy way to get a good start on my protein intake for the day. I tried an assortment of the low sugar protein powders using both…

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Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Share the post “Cottage Cheese Pancakes” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint Pancakes are classic all American breakfast fare. That bad news is that they are carb laden and generally smothered in butter and maple syrup. This is not a good combination for weight loss surgery patients. As a Lapband patient, they are also way too heavy. I am always on the look-out for a low carb, high protein pancake recipe. Awhile…

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Bandwagon – A Book Review

I love easy to read and understand owner’s manuals for my tech toys. They are usually complex and not geared for a quick read. My Lapband is a high tech device that is implanted in my body. It only makes sense that I want to be knowledgeable of the use, care and feeding of my band. When Jean McMillan, a fellow bandster and Obesity Help chat buddy authored a book on adjustable gastric banding and weight loss surgery, I ordered a copy for my reference.

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The Bariatric Fear of Food

Cibophobia is the phobia where sufferers fear food. Cibophobics are generally afraid of undercooked or overcooked foods, unsanitary food preparation, and food served past the expiration date. This isn’t quite the same but is pretty close to an eating disorder that I see in bariatric patients. The first year after weight loss surgery is a year of carefully following a nutritionist’s diet and eating guidelines. Once the patient moves into the second year they generally become more lax. It’s at that point that the fear of eating raising its ugly head.

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Apple Gobbler Salisbury Steak

Share the post “Apple Gobbler Salisbury Steak” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint Today was a snowy winter day in Northeast Ohio. I was working at home, and Brett’s flight was returning in time for supper for once. I decided it would be nice to greet him with a homemade dinner as opposed to his normal Wendy’s chili. I looked in the freezer this morning to see what struck me…

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Stinking Rose Smashed Potatoes

Share the post “Stinking Rose Smashed Potatoes” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint Garlic smashed potatoes brings visions of Paula Deen throwing a stick of butter and a block of cream cheese into a pot of potatoes with cups of shredded cheddar. This recipe is a healthy version that is almost a tasty. OK, I have to admit that you can’t compete with butter, cream cheese and cheddar cheese. The…

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Lighten ‘Em Up Martha Waffles

Share the post “Lighten ‘Em Up Martha Waffles” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint I am back! 2009 was a hectic year for me with my wedding. I’ve resolved to publish entries to this blog a on a regular basis. This morning I am posting one of my favorite breakfast recipes. Waffles and pancakes are just not on a bariatric diet. Both are typically too high carb and are topped…

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Lost my Noodles Lasagna

Share the post “Lost my Noodles Lasagna” FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInE-mailPrint Like Garfield, I loves my lasagna! Unfortunately since my lapband surgery I do not handle pasta very well. Actually that’s a blessing since pasta is one of the dishes that I overate for many years. My workplace has a farmer’s market several days a week where local farmers bring in produce and fruit to sell. Earlier this…

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