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2020. the dumpster fire of a year, was kicked out the door at midnight. It did not go out with much fanfare but with a sigh of relief.  It would be nice to say that it is history. It never will be. 2020 will live on for years in our memories, changes in our lives, and stories. Most of us are grazing on the last…

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Thanksgiving then and now

Thanksgiving grocery shopping, like all my mother’s grocery expeditions, was driven by a battle plan that George Patton would have admired. She scanned the Alliance Review Persky’s Market, Kroger, and A&P ads for the best deals. On Saturday morning, my siblings and I tagged along into battle as her foot soldiers with hopes of sugary treats finding their way into the shopping cart. Thanksgiving in…

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Pigs in a blanket aka stuffed cabbage aka toltott kaposzta

You think you know what pigs in a blanket are? Do you think they are little smokies wrapped and baked in crescent roll dough? Delicious but not the same thing in Alliance, Ohio where people know cabbage rolls as pigs in a blanket. I was unaware that this was a regional thing until I moved away. The first time I told my husband Brett we…

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Kolach, Hungarian nut roll

Kolach is certainly on the Christmas tables of Hungarian-American homes. I saw this sweet bread called beigli at Budapest’s Great Market Hall. It is known in most Eastern European homes by other names: kolachi, kolache, povitica, and potica. Americans most likely know it as Hungarian nut roll. This yeast bread roll filled with a sweet ground walnut filling was a holiday tradition on my Hungarian-American…

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Hungarian Nut Rolls

Christmas celebrations are about tradition. These traditions bind generations together and link us to our past ancestors. Most everyone has a food tradition that has been passed down through the generations. I come from an ethnic background of first generation Hungarian and Swiss Americans. Christmas’s of my past were very much defined by my Hungarian paternal grandparents. They lived in the heart of the Hungarian…

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Tom’s Ohio Shredded Chicken Sandwiches

Most Buckeyes are familiar with the shredded chicken sandwich. It makes an appearance at most small town football and basketball concession stands, as well as, festivals and arts and craft shows. It is definitely not a delicacy concocted from fine ingredients. It is one of those plain old Midwestern comfort foods that can be easily whipped up by just about anyone.