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My heart attack

The room was sterile and suddenly silent. The cardiologist told me I had four blockages in my heart and needed coronary triple bypass surgery. This was the loneliest, most emotional point in my life. I was left alone in the room with tears in my eyes. Nothing brings to light the life changing consequences of a heart attack more than a survivor’s story. February is…

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Yesterday was the twelfth anniversary of my triple coronary bypass. The days preceding and following that day in 2005 have a profound influence on how I live my life today. This experience set off a series of life changes that have led to a happier, more fulfilling life. I struggled to write my annual Facebook post about this life changing experience. This morning the Today…

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Challenges and Running

I was ready for a flat 3 miles as I came out of Edgewater Park following the Lake Erie coast. I had put 10 miles of the Cleveland Rite Aid Half Marathon behind me. I encountered something quite different. The Cleveland Shoreway climbed with every twist and turn. The final grueling mile crested the bridge over the Cuyahoga River. It rewarded me with a downhill run…

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