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and there will be cake

Those are the words that my coworkers use to tell me that a special celebration is at hand. I work is a typical corporate America office. Healthy eating isn’t particularly a top priority. Doughnuts and bagels, preferably Panera Cinnamon Crunch, are standard birthday celebration fare. Pizza is the go-to choice for recognition lunches. If the occasion is special, there will be cake.

6 things that lessen your Chance of having a heart attack

February is American Heart Month. As a person who suffers from cardiac heart disease, I like to remind my readers of the importance of caring for your heart health. Six years ago I suffered a heart attack and had triple cardiac bypass surgery. I am thankful that I survived and am here today. It was not a fun experience and something I work hard to…

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Shedding Negativity

It is Thanksgiving week and last night I was fortunate to hear a very motivational speaker at my local weight loss surgery support group. The guest speaker is a breast cancer survivor who told her story. What was most outstanding about this speaker was her positive outlook on life and determination to stomp out her cancer. Central to her recovery and perseverance is the theme…

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Reflections on my mortality after weight loss surgery

Last week the media and the Internet were abuzz with news and chatter about the death of Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple. Steve Jobs was no doubt the Edison of the Internet Age and a brilliant man. I normally don’t read obituaries in the newspaper, but last week an obituary of a grade school schoolmate caught my eye. Steve Job’s and my schoolmate’s death…

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Happy third surgiversary to me!

Today marks the third anniversary of my Lapband weight loss surgery. I somehow feel the need to acknowledge the event and say something profound about weight loss. After giving some thought to the occasion, I decided to dig into my blog archives and see what I was thinking about during the summer of 2008. Funny thing about blogs as opposed to life, you can go…

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