3-2-1 cycling for a cause

Retirement gives me more opportunities to cycle. Cycling for a cause is an important part of my cycling adventures. I cycled the Bike MS 150 for many years prior to my retirement. I looked to continue this tradition in central Ohio. Pelotonia is the premiere charity bike ride in Columbus. It is integrated into central Ohio bike culture with the expectation that “serious” cyclists be a participant.

I wrestled with being a Pelotonia rider this year and was offered an opportunity to join a peloton. I passed up this opportunity and chose to return to Pittsburgh to cycle the Woiner Foundation’s 321 Ride for melanoma and pancreatic cancers. I feel that when a cyclist rides for a charity that they must be personally invested in the cause. The 321 Ride is such a ride for me.

I cycled the 321 Ride in 2017 as a member of Sue’s Crew, a 321 Ride peloton. I was honored to join this team that supports my cycling pal Ron’s wife, Sue, who is undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer. This year I return to Pittsburgh to support this cause, Sue’s Crew, and the Woiner Foundation’s work to fund cancer research.

Those who know me know that the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and C&O Canal Trail (C&O) are my favorite bicycle touring destinations. It is a fortunate coincidence that the 321 Ride metric century travels the 62 miles of the GAP into Pittsburgh. I am cycling the C&O and GAP during the week prior to the 321 Ride. I am joining the 321 metric century cyclists in Connellsville for my final 62 miles into Pittsburgh.

One of the goals of my retirement is to stretch myself and be more adventurous on my bike tours. I look forward to this solo 334-mile credit-card tour across the C&O and GAP. Early October should bring cooler temps, a change in colors in the mountains, and a chance to explore the world at a slower pace. I will pack my paneers, stay in Airbnb’s and hotels, and have time to myself to enjoy nature, history, and life on my bike.

Do not lose sight that this is a ride to support cancer research. An important part of my tour is to raise awareness and funds to support pancreatic and melanoma cancer patients. The Woiner Foundation, the 321 Ride organizer, is a Pittsburgh based non-profit that works tirelessly to support this research. All 321 Ride expenses are paid by generous donors. Every dollar raised goes directly to this research.

I hope that you can support the Woiner foundation, the 321 Ride, Sue’s Crew, Sue and her family, and me on this ride. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. Click here to support this effort.

Ride Bikes End Cancer

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  1. Old Man with a Trike August 30, 2018 at 7:41 am

    Anyone who moves their body (walk, run, cycle, swim, mud crawl) for a cause gets my support.

    And hey, by riding with me in May and again coming up in October, you are supporting MY fundraising to STOP Diabetes. Thanks!

    Oh, btw, “Get” Allegheny Passage? Typo? “Great”. ☺

    1. Tom Bilcze August 30, 2018 at 9:23 am

      Thanks Greg! Thanks for finding the typo.


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