2018 bike tours in 10 words and images


March 2018, Titusville, FL. As if magic, the bottom half of my body is missing.

I toured Florida’s Space Coast in early spring on Bike Florida’s supported weeklong tour. Like Ohio’s GOBA, this ride is a moving community of cyclists where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities return to renew friendships and make new friends.


April 2018, Washington, NC. Workers slather a hot spicy sauce on deep fried redskin hot dogs at Bill’s Hot Dog Stand

I returned to the North Carolina Coastal Tour in late April. Mom and pop diners and dives are on my radar on a bike tour. This is where you get the real taste of the people, places, and experiences of the region.


May 2018, Cincinnati, OH. My Surly Long Haul Trucker ready to head out from the Over the Rhine neighborhood

In May My cycling pal Greg and I celebrated my birthday on an Ohio to Erie Trail tour from Cincinnati to my home. Memories made on a bicycle remain long after the candles on the cake are blown out.


May 2018, Columbus, OH. Cyclists head out for a day of touring breweries from the Short North.

In May I cycled the Columbus Beer Week bike the breweries tour with friends. My bike was a big part of me having fun as a kid. This tour reminded me that you are never too old to rediscover the neighborhood on a bike.


June 2018, Maria Taferl, Austria. Breathtaking view of the Wachau Valley and the Danube after a long climb

In June I wandered through the Czech Republic, southern Bohemia, and Austria with many challenging climbs. I learned that life throws you challenges to stretch your self-imposed boundaries to make you a better person.


July 2018, Xenia, OH. A winning hand of bingo at the Greene Trails Cycling Classic

In July I returned to the Greene Trails Cycling Classic for the sixth time. This has become one of my cycling traditions where the people, places, trails, and friendships keep me coming back. It’s good to maintain traditions as well as discover new places.


August 2018, Mount Vernon, OH. My cycling friends on the Kokosing Gap locomotive in Gambier

My home became a campground for the second year when I hosted a weekend of cycling in the heart of Ohio for my bike pals. Sometimes a tour can be close to home, in a familiar place, and allowing others to discover your neighborhood.


September 2018, Licking County, OH. Carrie repairs yet another flat with several helping hands.

In September I cycled Ohio to Erie Trail from Cincinnati to Cleveland for the second time. I live by the principle of no cyclist left behind. I surround myself with like-minded cyclists who care and support their fellow bike tourists. I have enjoyed the benefits of this principle on both ends.


October 2018, Shepherdstown, WV. A smiling Marty joined me for breakfast at Betty’s Restaurant.

In October, I cycled the C&O Canal Trail and Great Allegheny Passage from D.C. to Pittsburgh for the fourth time. I experienced great kindness on this self-supported solo tour. People are generally good. You just have to allow them into your life to share that kindness.


October 2018, Marathon, FL. Greg and I having yet another drink and meal at S.S. Wreck & Galley Grill.

In late October to cycled the Florida Keys with my pal, Greg. I learned a lot from him as a touring partner. When you are unsupported and cycling together, teamwork is a must. I grew from Greg’s touring knowledge and spirit of independence to make me a more confident bike tourist.

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  1. Greg Veal January 4, 2019 at 11:26 pm

    Call it ego, if you will. but as much as I enjoy all the bullets, the ones with a nod to yours truly are especially enjoyable.

    I call it, “because it brings back great memories!”


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