What to do in Hawaii

Hawaii is all about the scenery and beauty. Above all, I recommend that you spend time on some of the beautiful black, green or white sand beaches. As I mentioned previously, Hawaii, Kauai and Maui are prime locations with 4 and 5 star resorts. We saw some beautiful resorts north of Kona along the lava flats that are featured in the Iron Man Triathlon.

Hawaii is all about the outdoors. Before my surgery and rehab I would probably not ventured on the excursions we did. I can’t stress how much fun the Na Pali Explorer was on Kauai. I recommend any trip exploring that coast. Hikes to waterfalls are big, and the one we did on the North Shore of Hawaii was top notch. We literally hiked on 2 foot wide paths hugging 800 foot drops to jungle valleys. I wish we had time to take the 38 mile downhill bike ride from the volcano on Maui. It also looked like fun with spectacular views. Don’t hesitate to get out there and participate in nature.

Rent a car. The rental is reasonable in Hawaii. Many scenic drives involve volcanoes, historic sites, beaches, resorts, quaint towns and many other attractions. These drives would make an excellent day trip from any of the resort areas. The islands are not that big and are doable in a day.

Hawaii does offer something for everyone. It’s a fun mix of the luxury, natural beauty, tacky Hawaiiana and old fashioned tourist havens. Be open and you will enjoy your stay.

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