Holiday Rush

Well, I am in that last minute Christmas rush. I have had no time to blog. Here’s my quick update of joys and happening over the past few days.

  • We had our Christmas dinner and gift exchange with our friends Vic and Jamie last night at Outback. We treasure them so as friends.
  • I received good news this a.m. that Columbus was selected as a site for Lutherans Concerned RIC Core Team training in July. We lobbied so hard to get this.
  • My Regional Corodinator conference call this month was terriffic. We have so many people doing good things in the Church for Lutherans Concerned.
  • I am off of work until January 2nd!
  • We are busy planning multiple dishes for Christmas dinners in four locations starting Christmas Eve and ending the day after Christmas.
  • I am happy to see warmer weather as we drive to Alliance, Utica and Marengo to be with our families.
  • We are so fortunate that we are welcomed and part of our families during the holidays. All too often this is not the case with GLBT people.
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