All teched up for Chicago

Chicago and the ELCA Churchwide Assembly is less than a week away. for those of you who are not Lutheran, you can read this month’s President’s Corner in the St. Mark newsletter. I decided to give an overview of what it means to be a voting member.

I’ll be going with a lot of new technology. I have anew laptop and cell phone. I bought the LG Chocolate. It’s pretty cool. I setup my Music Essentials on the laptop. It copied my iTunes library to it. I uploaded some songs to the phone. It works great. I bought a 2GB card for the phone. I like the idea of not having to tote my iPod to Chicago.

I hope to keep this blog current; posting a few times a day from the Assembly. It appears that Navy Pier may not have wi-fi. The Hyatt does. So, I may write during the day and post at night.

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