Churchwide – Monday P.M.

A full day for sure! I still have the 1st plenary session and the Goodsoil Reception tonight. I attended the new voting member orientation. It was very informative. I am meeting our delegation. It is a nice group. It seems pretty affirming; at least I must attract them. Well, my rainbow RIC pin probably helps.

Opening worship was very good and uplifting. Bishop Hanson had an excellent sermon. He spoke of churches that are settled and churches that are sent. Those that are settled just plod along and rely on their past. Those that are sent are sent to proclaim the Word and reach out. He posed the question if we, the ELCA, is sent or settled.

I enjoyed it since he challenged the voting members to think of that in their actions. It was a challenging sermon that spoke to being what the Church should be and not what it is. I must admit I see the ELCA in our area being a Church of the settled. Most are old congregations that rely on endowments and history. The challenge we have is to become a synod that is truly sent and proclaim the good news to all.

I have a much more hopeful outlook after hearing him speak, meeting fellow voting members and taking in the assembly. I feel so fortunate to be here.

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