Sometimes things just fall into place

Tonight I had a great meeting of the synod GLBT task force. I am the chairperson of the committee this year. We are in the midst of planning our winter educational event. I have a terrific committee. Tonight was a good test. Almost all members showed up for the meeting. The event planning just fell into place so smoothly with good input from all. Even better, people readily volunteered to take responsibility for different parts of the planning.

Our event is a half day seminar in late February titled “Faithful Gay Clergy: An Open Conversation” (still somewhat tentative). We will have a keynote address by an openly gay member of the clergy with a variety of breakout sessions. Our goal is to present a forum where we put a face on the issue of being gay and a pastor. We hope to generate a good deal of discussion and awareness to the issue in our synod. I will post the event details and publicity when they are finalized in the coming weeks.

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