The Melting Pot

No, this post is not about immigration. Last night we went to The Melting Pot fondue restaurant in Legacy Village in Cleveland. It was a fun and different type of dinner. You have to cook your dinner in fondue pots on your table. We chose the all-inclusive Big Night Out Fondue Fusion dinner.

We started with the Mediterranean cheese fondue that was very good. It had a variety of cheeses, white wine and chopped dates. We each had a different salad. I tried the Athenian Greek salad. It was excellent despite the fact the restaurant had run out of olives. Our main dish platters were beautiful. I regret not taking a photo. There was so much to fondue including a small lobster tail, filet, marinated pork, shrimp, chicken and teriyaki beef. It was accompanied by an endless bowl of veggies. We finished night off with two different chocolate fondues; the Yin and Yang white and ark chocolate fondue and the Original, a chocolate and peanut butter fondue. They were accompanied by large platters of fruit, brownies, marshmallows, cake and cheesecake.

We liked the experience. I don’t think that we will return soon. It’s a social event. You should choose a fun group when you go. The cost was $44/person. There was plenty of food. We all left full. Cooking the main dish was the most difficult; each person gets 3 color coded fondue forks. That limits you to what you can cook. Many items come off the fork and need to be fished out of the broth. It also took our pot 5 minutes to heat to boiling before we could cook. I didn’t think the Coq Au Vin broth left a very favorable taste on the meat. It was accompanied by a large assortment of dipping sauces. The dessert was a real highlight. We all enjoyed the variety of fondue and things to dip.

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  1. Spirit & Flesh March 18, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    Hey Tom,

    Thanks for you kind words about my blog. Glad to know someone is actually reading what I write. LOL. Hope you and your partner have a blessed Easter. Keep on fighting the fight!



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