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A success factor in living a healthier life after weight loss surgery is the setting of goals related to achieving a goal weight. As a goal oriented person, I rely heavily on goals in my personal and business life. If you have followed this blog over the years, you know that I already measure my health by a heart health report card. It’s is a set of set of five measures on which I have set goals relative to living a healthier life for my heart. Actually my surgery is directly attributed to my performance in meeting these goals this year. Given that I have these goals in place that parallel many of the success factors for a better life after bariatric surgery, I am only setting weight loss goals for myself at this time.

My surgeon believes that I can easily achieve a 31 pound weight loss over a year. He is quite conservative in his weight loss estimates. After consulting many web sites, I see that 155 is the ideal weight for a person in my age and height range. I don’t think I can reach that weight, but I believe that I can beat his 200 pound estimate by almost 30 pounds. So here are the goals. I’ll update you as I reach each one of these milestones.

Tom’s Weight Loss Progress Goals

  • 6 pounds/month loss for 1st 4 months (-24.0 pounds)
  • 5 pounds/month loss for the next 4 months (-20.0 pounds)
  • 4 pounds/month loss for the next 4 months (-16.0 pounds)
  • 205 pounds for our post Thanksgiving anniversary Caribbean cruise
  • 200 pounds by New Year’s Eve
  • Lose 80% of excess BMI at surgery by 07/16/2009 (weight: 171 pounds, BMI: 27.6)
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