welcome 2009!

2009 is here. Last night we had 8 friends over for a New Years Eve pork and sauerkraut dinner. We played some SkipBo and just had fun hanging out. We watched the ball drop on ABC. It was amazing to see Dick Clark on another year. I feel for him and his recovery from the stroke, but it is time to hang it up. They had a strange assortment of folks on this show: Lionel Ritchie, The Clinton’s, The Jonus Brothers and Kelly Pickler. It was like some marketing person picked personalities to reach the widest audience possible. So, shortly after midnight we turned to LOGO for a stand-up comedian show. I hope everyone has a great 2009.

I made these resolutions for 2009. Let’s see how I do with these.

  1. Learn how to swim before our cruise in November.
  2. Reach my goal weight of 180 with a stretch goal of 175.
  3. Get an armband tattoo when I reach my goal weight.
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  1. patty January 2, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    I sooooo agree with you!
    See you tuesday at the cooking class?


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