the facts about the same sex marriage debate

ssmd I am concluding this week of posts about same sex marriage with what I consider the facts.

  1. It’s about the disdain for gay people. Arguments against same sex marriage are almost totally based on the premise that homosexuality is bad and that’s why same sex marriage is bad. In civil marriage, the government does not make a values judgement about the individuals being married. In our government’s eyes all are created equal.
  2. It’s about the Church legislating. Almost all advocates against same sex marriage are strongly affiliated with or are a religious organization. This country has a strong tradition the separation of Church and State. Civil marriage is a different animal than secular marriage. They should legislate secular marriage and not civil marriage.
  3. It’s not about devaluing marriage. There are so many problems in today’s society that devalue marriage. All are related to the actions of heterosexual married couples. Gay couples echo the general population. The value of marriage will remain the same; good and bad.
  4. Marriage is a civil right. The government bestows over 1,000 federal tax advantages to married couples. Inheritance and estate laws favor married couples. Denying a segment of our population in similar loving committed relationships those benefits is discrimination.
  5. Christians should support same sex marriage. Many denominations and clergy do support committed same sex relationships. The definition of family has dramatically changed in the pat 50 years. It is no longer a mother father and 2 children. A diverse collection of family structures exist today that supports the Christian ideal and function as a healthy family unit. Same sex couples are one of those family structures.
  6. Quoting Biblical passages should be done with caution. Same sex marriage opponents often quote Biblical passages. This is often done out of context. The concept of committed same gender relationships is not explored in the Bible. There are stories of same sex rape, inhospitality, violation of the cleanliness code and admonishments for acting un-Christ like. If you quote the Bible, be sure you look at the whole picture of the time, place, traditions and people.
  7. Change happens. Society has evolved over the years. We no longer hold slaves. Women are treated as equal to men. People of different races can wed. The list goes on. The attitudes about marriage have changed.
  8. This is a moot agreement in 10 years. At a national church gathering, a person who is an avid scholar of societies and history told me that societal change goes in 40-50 year cycles. With the birth of gay activism in 1969, the thought is that by 2019 the fight for LGBT rights will come to completion. Look at polls and voting history of people under the age of 30. They strongly approved of same sex marriage. This appears to be fact.
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