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I refrain from posts on the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). They hunger for a mention in any blog. This right wing hate-mongering group is attempting to position itself as the protectors of traditional marriage. Their take on recognizing same sex marriage is that it comes at a cost of victimizing those who are of different opinions on the matter. They see same sex marriage as the first step on the slippery slope that will deny “Christians” their civil rights.

NOM’s latest commercial features the Miss California contestant from the recent Miss USA pageant. I am sure that you like me did not know the pageant still existed and that it was even televised. Among the D-list judges was Perez Hilton. In a round of contestant interviews, Hilton asked Miss California what her thoughts were on same sex marriage. She responded that she felt marriage should be between a man and woman and not of two people of the same sex.

This televised segment is floating around on the Internet. Her answer was followed by audience jeers. The next day Hilton blasted her on his blog. Other pro-marriage equality folks joined in on their condemnation of her remarks. The Miss USA pageant officials weighed in by saying participants are not to express political views during the pageant. NOM picked up on this press and elevated her to sainthood and immediately built their latest commercial on her Joan of Arc stand from the pageant.

So, what is wrong with this debacle?

#1 Perez Hilton was out of line for asking such a question. He is free to express his views on his blog. We have never asked contestants about abortion, the Civil Rights Movements and other hot button topics. We already know that all they want is world peace and the end to world hunger.

#2 – Miss USA is a glamorized popularity contest. She responded with an unpopular answer. We all learned thi lesson early in life. What usually happens in a popularity contest where you express a contrary view? You lose. You get jeered.

#3- She is not a victim of rabid same sex marriage advocates. She is a victim of intolerant people. Yes, intolerant people are on both sides of the fence on the subject of marriage equality. Plus, there is no way of knowing that she really was the frontrunner before answering that question.

I dislike the tactics that NOM takes in fighting its cause. I urge you to go to their web site and sign up for the email list, even if you are a supporter of same sex marriage. You will be amazed by their thought process. It is built on fear and intimidation with little or no factual support. It is merely a conservative right wing fundamental “Christian” group that is attempting to control Americans’ civil rights by manipulating the truth in a campaign of hate and fear. I am very much opposed to using “hate” as a label for any group when discussing social issues. I don’t hesitate a bit with NOM. They have earned and deserve the label.

I suspect Miss California has learned her lesson on how to behave in a popularity contest. She needed more than her recent breast enhancements to win the contest. Instead, she fell short and became the darling of the 700 Club.

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  1. Anonymous May 1, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    I thought when she said opposite couples I was going to lose it. This at least made me smile for how ignorant she is.


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