little beaver creek greenway trail

b2009_0802LittleBeaver0006 The forecast was for rain clearing by noon when I left for a day of biking. I was spending the day on the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail in Columbiana County with my friends Jamie, Vic and Susan. We arrived at the trailhead in Leetonia to a light misty rain.

After sitting out a short shower we saddled up and headed south in misty rain to Lisbon, our destination 10 miles away. This trail is built on an abandoned rail line. It is relatively flat and a very well maintained ribbon of asphalt.

b2009_0802LittleBeaver0007We passed through wetlands and farm fields for the first couple of miles. The trail then entered a shady canopy of green that was with us for the remainder of the ride. The rain was light and stayed with us through the morning. The plus of this was that the shade offered some protection from the elements.

b2009_0802LittleBeaver0024 At about the halfway point, we took a 500 foot detour to see a 133 year old covered bridge. It was down a steep hill but well worth the extra effort coming back up the hill. We continued on to Lisbon after exploring the bridge and creek below.

b2009_0802LittleBeaver0041a Lisbon was an unexpected pleasure along the way. We had lunch at a classic diner, the Steel Trolley Diner. The food here was just all around fabulous. Servings were way too big but oh so tasty. The meatloaf dinner was just perfect home-style food. Considering we were slightly damp and cold from the rain, the food was just the ticket. After spending some time walking the town square, we returned to the trail. It was sunny, clear skies for the return trip north.

b2009_0802LittleBeaver0052Another great find in Lisbon was Donna’s Bicycle Shop at mile marker 0. The prices were very reasonable and the owner helpful and knowledgeable. We each shopped and pimped our ride with some nice finds. The ride back to Leetonia was pretty much uphill. The first 5 miles were a little more work than the last 5 miles.

This trail is a real find. I saw it highlighted in the Akron Beacon Journal travel section last week. It would be spectacular in fall with autumn leaves surrounding you during the ride. The grade change is pretty gradual and easy to handle even for a beginner like me. I found this trail much more enjoyable than the Towpath Trail, popular to most bikers in this area. Judging by the number of folks on the trail, it is still largely undiscovered.

b2009_0802LittleBeaver0072I am definitely building some stamina on these rides. This ride was not really that much of a challenge. I was not tired or sore after the 22 mile ride. If you are looking for a casual ride through some beautiful Ohio countryside, this trail is for you.

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