another beautiful weekend

b2009_0913Summit0072 Wow! What a wonderful summer we have had. The weather this weekend did not disappoint us. We spent Saturday morning and afternoon running errands and doing some last minute shopping for our wedding trip this week. On Saturday night we went to Northfield Park with 9 of our friends for our bachelor party. It was an enjoyable night. None of us were big winners.

b2009_0913Summit0073 This afternoon we decided the weather was too nice not to get in a nice bike ride. we decided to cycle close to home. We ventured to Hudson Road north of Kent and cycled the short 1 1/2 mile Portage Hike and Bike Trail connector to the Summit Hike and Bike Trail. We cycled 7 1/2 miles to the Route 8 overpass at the Rout 303 Hudson exit.

b2009_0913Summit0085 On the way back, we stopped at Bow Wow Beach,  the Stow dog park. It was a lot of fun watching the dogs play on the beach and in the water. We are going to take our hound Wyllie up there some time. He would have a ball. It was a quick 15 mile ride in perfect weather.

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