i cycled 16 miles for thai

bVanderhoof 019 Tonight was one of those perfect summer nights. The temps cooled to the low 80s and the humidly dropped to a comfortable level. I didn’t have any plans for the evening. I knew I was going to go on a bike ride.

I had considered joining the Akron Bicycle Club on their Thursday night ride. I tried to get some of my cycling buddies to join me. Everyone had plans. I just felt awkward showing up to a ride where I bVanderhoof 027 didn’t know anyone. So I wimped out and didn’t go.

I opted to ride the Towpath from the Vanderhoof trailhead near Barberton to Canal Fulton. I knew the trail had been extended north to Snyder Road with this being the closest trailhead with parking. It was an easy drive and a very nice trailhead. The Summit Metro Parks does a nice job of building and maintaining these trailheads.

I cycled south 8 miles to canal Fulton. I planned to have dinner in town. There was a farmer’s market in the Heritage Park parking lot. I bought some onions and garlic and headed over to V Li’s for dinner .This little Thai restaurant really rocks. I had triple flavor fish which was very good.

bVanderhoof 020 Belly full, I cycled back north to Barberton at a nice leisurely pace. There were so few people out and the trail was so pretty as the sun set. One thing to note is that the trail from Vanderhoof to Center Street in Clinton is quite scenic. I knew it was part of the former PPG lime lakes that are being reclaimed. I figured it would not have a lot of vegetation and might look somewhat industrial. That is not  the case. I would recommend it as a ride for anyone.

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