Peace + Love + Summer + Bicycle

No, this is not an episode of TLC’s My Strange Obsession reality series. A few months back the series featured man who was sexually involved with his car. I am not suggesting that type of love affair with your bicycle. I am encouraging you to fall in love riding your bike this summer. Let’s look at the ways this love affair can spice up your life.

  • Losing the love handles – You can expect to burn about 300 calories in an hour of leisurely cycling on a bike trail or in a park setting. You can easily double that if you do some faster road cycling. That’s a lot of calories burnt in the name of love. They add up fast as your waistline shrinks.
  • Love in the great outdoors – Summer is the perfect time to get off that boring treadmill or elliptical and enjoy working out outdoors. There are no health club fees, scenery on a bike ride beats watching Matt and the Today Show cast make pasta primavera and shop for stunning sandals.
  • Finding love and friendship – A bike is like a dog but without a pooper-scooper. Walk in a park with a dog and people congregate around you. The same is true on a bike. Cyclists love sharing tales of the road with fellow cyclists. It is an easy way to make new friends.
  • Loving to lose the stress – Hop into the saddle and let your bike pedal your worries and fears away. Cycling is a natural stress reducer with no Rx required.
  • A token of your love – Remember the “What I did this summer” essay you wrote every fall in grade school? Get on a bike now and you will have some fantastic tales and memories to share by the end of summer.
  • Love is free – Gas is $4 a gallon. That trip to the market in your car could cost you a few bucks. It will cost you $0 on a bike. It’s simple economics. Get on the bike for those short, close errands and save some real money.
  • Playing love games – Who didn’t love riding a bike as a kid? Guess what? It can be Just as fun today. Bring that little kid in you out for the summer and cruise around the neighborhood.
  • Love anytime and anywhere – You can ride a bike any time of day and on any day. Enjoy cool mornings first thing in the day. Bask in the hot mid-day sun. Warm sultry evenings are perfect for a romantic spin with your significant other.
  • This love is good for your health –The low aerobic nature of cycling is perfect for your heart. It improves our mental state. It is good for most of your body parts.
  • Love stretches your limits –You may find yourself riding in a charity bike ride benefiting your favorite cause. A local bike shop may sponsor a fun ride that is the perfect no-cost fun for the whole family. Bike clubs over exciting day trips. There is always something new and fun to do on a bike.

Experience peace and love on a bike this summer. You will quickly fall in love with the joys of cycling. Good things just come along for the ride!

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