Help me help a family dealing with the devastating expenses of childhood cancer

Summer is passing fast and in late July I reached 1,175 miles cycled this year. Due to surgery I was unable to cycle the Bike MS Pedal to the Point charity ride. This is an event and cause in which I truly believe. I look forward to returning to this Bike MS ride next year.

My health is getting stronger daily. I will be back in the saddle in early September.  I had planned to cycle the inaugural Xpedition G.A.P. ride from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP )on Labor Day weekend. Unable to cycle, I will be travelling with and helping the cyclists.  Read on and find out how you can help this cause and enter into a drawing to win an iPod Nano. I will also match the first $200 of donations.

gap0820-2The mission of Xpedition G.A.P. is to help families struggling with the devastating effects of Childhood cancer. This ride spoke to me as a challenge I had to accept. Every dollar raised helps a family beyond the extraordinary medical treatment expenses with their expenses such as meals, lodging, gas and laundry.

I am a member of Team Michael. The 75 cyclists of Xpedition G.A.P. are organized into teams of 15 cyclists who cycle for one family. Michael Labella is struggling with a very rare type of brain tumor. Michael was diagnosed with a Glioneuronal Brain Tumor. This is an inoperable tumor, and the only known cure would be full dose radiation, which he is much too young to receive without massive damage to his brain and development.

Our team rides for Michael this year because he DEFINES what it is to be a ‘FIGHTER’, and a WARRIOR! It’s simply unimaginable, as a parent, to look into the eyes of your young child, see them smile back at you, and know you cannot do a THING about this life threatening battle they are going through. As a parent, there IS no worse feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.

Our team believes in making a positive difference in the world. By reaching out to help one family in a positive way, we create a ripple effect – one touches a life, which touches another life, which touches a family’s life FOREVER.


Please help me touch the Labella family’s life in a positive way. I am matching the first $200 of donations from my friends who sponsor me as a rider on behalf of Michael and the Labella family. You can make an on-line donat

ion at or mail your donation to: Xpedition G.A.P. Team Michael, 105 Steele Street #12, Bridgeport, WV 26330. Please be certain to designate me as the cyclist you are sponsoring so that I can match your donation.

I am also holding a drawing for a new in-package iPod Nano 2nd Generation MP2 player. Everyone who sponsors me by donating to Team Michael is automatically entered into this drawing. Here’s your chance to grab an iPod to listen to tunes and help a deserving family at the same time.

You can read more about the Xpedition G.A.P. ride and Team Michael at

Thank you!
Tom Bilcze

Donations:  Select Tom Bilcze as the rider you are sponsoring.

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