Christmas childhood memories day 2

I was a country boy living just outside of the small Ohio town of Alliance. As a child, downtown Alliance was my family’s main shopping destination.

I loved the Christmas season when the city decorated the main street light poles with holiday lights and the city square featured a large Chrisman tree.

The O’niels department store seemed so large stretching over 3 floors with just about everything under one roof.  My brother, sister and I shopped the G. C. Murphy store just down the block.  I recall spending a long time shopping the toy department in the basement for the perfect gifts for my siblings. 

My mother always allowed us to buy candy from the large candy counter just in the main entrance before we left the store.  I recall that a quarter went a long way as the clerk weighted out chocolate covered raisins, my favorite.

Shopping has become so complicated today. I fondly remember the gifts I bought as a child in my small hometown downtown.



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