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White Bean Vinaigrette Salad

This simple, tasty bean salad, popular in France, comes from my cardiac rehab dietitian. Its flavor becomes more intense when left in the refrigerator overnight. This is ideal for a bariatric patient. Pack this salad into the Gladware ½ cup containers for a lunch or dinner side. It keeps well for a week or so in the refrigerator. As you follow my recipes you will…

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Battista’s Hole in the Wall

I don’t often write a restaurant review. However, tonight Brett and I ventured to Battista’s Hole in the Wall for dinner. It’s an off-strip Italian restaurant behind the Flamingo Hilton. We had heard that it is a fantastic place. We put it on our list every trip, but it just never got visited. After tonight, I must say that it lives up to the hype….

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