We're ready to come home

I can’t believe that I would say that, but we’re tiring of vacation. Our last days at sea were quiet… calm seas and quiet times. I did dinner on the last night at The Normandy, the reservation only, high end restaurant on the ship. Our pal Brian from Milwaukee wanted to do it with a group and order from the Menu Exceptional. Since his partner Larry and Brett did not want to go, we rounded up two other couples and went as a group. It was outstanding with dinner served almost like ballet and very theatrical. The dishes were excellent and elegantly prepared. With our Menu Exceptional, we had a different wine with every course. It was a miracle I was stranding at the end of the night.

Today after debarkation, we went to Disneyland to spend the day. The weather was perfect in the low 70s and plenty of sun. We had a good time. We both had never been to Disney in California. It’s sort of like a smaller Disney World, more compact with almost identical rides. It was a super busy day and California Adventure was sold out. I had wanted to see it also.

We were so tired when we got to the hotel that we picked up Subway and are just kicking back for the evening. We have a 11:00 a.m. flight on Monday morning. We will sleep good tonight.

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