Hello Celebration

I arrived in Orlando with a pretty smooth flight, a little early actually. The airport was not crowded and the rental car pickup was fast. I chose a Chevy HHR. It’s a neat car that kind of reminds me of a PT Cruiser as a station wagon. It seemed so much more fun than the other boring mid-sized cars.

Celebration was a short drive, just outside of Kissimmee. It is very Disney-like. You can see their influence here. Everything is very detailed and has very distinctive looks. The hotel resembles a Florida beach hotel from the 40’s or 50’s. It has classic old cars for rent in the front of the hotel. There was no front desk, just a lady sitting at a desk who registers you. Now that’s classy! The room is one of the nicest I have stayed in.

We had dinner at the Columbia, a Florida Cuban restaurant from Tampa. It was supurb. The dinner was very memorable. I had a Cuban red snapper with Cuban rice. Very tasty and presented beautifully.

It is a pleasant walk to the college from the hotel. I look forward to wandering around the town and shops this week.

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