Today, I took Brett to Summa for an outpatient test that required him being sedated. I was there when he was coming around. I couldn’t understand much of anything for 5 minutes until he fully woke up. Now I know what he went through in the many days it took me to recover from my 1-week drug induced comma after my 3 heart surgeries last fall.

As embarrassing as it is, I’ll share the top-3 highlights of my fantasy life while under sedation. As funny as they are, remember that they were so real and in so much detail for me at that time.

1. I was transferred by helicopter to the Cleveland Clinic on a flight that doubled as a life flight and tourist flight over Lake Erie. Those onboard enjoyed drinks and tropical fruit. The pilot and his first mate resembled The Captain and Tennille. Was I already thinking of my Hawaiian cruise?

2. I was staying in a special high tech room with things like a virtual reality program that relaxed patients. I was frequently in a Halloween parade. The TV doubled as an email client. There was a cappuccino bar and sushi bar outside my room. Imagine my shock waking up in Intensive Care with nothing to drink!

3. Of course Brett’s favorite… My cardiac surgeon Mark was a vampire and taking my blood daily. The first person I recognized was Mark, my nurse who I had never met prior to waking up. He of course was taking my blood, but in a more conventional manner.

Well, those are three of the better ones. There are many more. As Brett says, they all include a pinch of reality with a lot of imagineering added. They seem ridiculous today, but I can assure you that I was living that life in October.

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