Happy Independence Day

I love reading the newspaper. I usually peruse some stories on http://www.ohio.com/ at lunch and read the print version at night. The Akron Beacon Journal is a pretty typical newspaper, nothing special about it. Today’s edition hit me as being above normal. The special interest stories and columnists made today’s paper entertaining.

I am nostalgic at heart and loved the glimpse of Americana in the photo spread on patriotism in a Barberton neighborhood. I think we all see parts of our neighborhoods being just like the one in Barberton. The message was clear.

David Giffels’ column on how travel and vacations have changed over the years brought back vivid memories. I remember those times when we pulled the Plymouth into a roadside rest stop to enjoy a fried chicken picnic lunch my mother prepared while traveling to my grandmother’s house in West Virginia. I remember those flat tires and the family watching my father fix the tire uttering numerous profanities as the tire iron flew.

Finally, I laughed while reading the article by Patricia Anstett of the Detroit Free Press on flatulence no longer being taboo. I wonder how many school libraries do indeed have Walter the Farting Dog on their shelves. I do want to read Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise! What an unusual, informative and amusing article to find in today’s newspaper.

It’s depressing today to read the news as our elected officials continue to misuse power, act like idiots and somehow like the Three Stooges make things work in the end. Thank God for democracy and Independence Day so that we can read about things like Walter the Farting Dog. Although, I suspect that there is most likely a far right Christian coalition forming today to erase flatulence from the press and airways. Run, Walter, run!!!! Happy 4th of July!

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