Queer Duck – The Movie

We loved the cartoons on Showtime that followed Queer as Folk for a season or so. Queer Duck, featuring the voice of Jimmy J. Bullock, was too funny. I read in a recent Advocate that Queer Duck – The Movie is being released on July 18. I had to have it and pre-ordered it on DeepDiscountDVD.com. In the movie plot, he marries a diva, he tries sexual behavior modification therapy with a Christian fundamentalist, buys an amusement park, and generally lives it up.

Queer Duck, Openly Gator, Oscar Wildcat and Bipolar Bear romped through many hilarious cartoon shorts. I checked and Showtime still has the Queer Duck website operational. It is so cleverly put together and worth a visit. If you haven’t already, click on the episodes link and prepare to laugh you’re a** off! I especially like Episode #18 – Bipolar Bear and the Glorious Hole. Bipolar Bear is perectly cast with the voice of Paul Lynde. For another laugh, click on Queer Duck’s bottom…

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