Cool Podcast – B-Talk

Well, I’ m back in Ohio. It’s been a long week. I finished my Florida week with a quick visit to the Boardwalk Resort at Disney World. We ate at the ESPN Cafe and spent an hour or so walking around the boardwalk. It was totally deserted. There was hardly a sole anywhere. I guess they were all at the theme parks.

I decided to download something interesting to listen to on my I-Pod on my flights home. Brett had told me about B-Talk, a bear podcast. I put a few of them on my iPod. They were pretty amusing and made the time go by very quickly. It’s a group of bears from Minnesota who just talk about life and current events. It’s mostly pretty tame but has an occasional slightly off-color moment. It had me so entertained. I recommend to any of my bear friends.

I was particularly amused by the B-Talk Fit Club, a take off of the popular Celebrity Fit Club. Over the three episodes that I listened too, they mostly gained weight and even forgot the scale for the weigh-in. And then there were the “e”s… error: weight off the scale… LOL It was too funny.

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