Taking time for myself 2005 (D) 2006 (C)

When I first decided to measure myself on this criteria, I didn’t realize how close it aligned with stress. Looking at yesterday’s post, I seem to attribute stress to lack of time for myself or too much time volunteering. It is an interesting balance that I have to play in my life.

I am more conscious on taking time for myself this year. It’s easy to get drawn into projects and causes without knowing it. Although I still do it, I think that I am much more selective this year. I now realize that I have to enjoy the involvement rather than just do it because someone has too.

I now have what I call my “selfish weekends” that I decide to have when I get overwhelmed. From the time I get home on Friday night until I go to work on Monday morning, the time is totally mine. I take no calls or do anything for anyone. It’s mine and only my time. That even goes for Brett. I may only do this once every 2-3 months. I highly recommend it to everyone. The bottom line is that people can live without hearing from you for a couple of days.

My goal for next year is to have 3 weeknights free every week and to have a “selfish weekend” every other month.

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