Overall Health Grade 2005 (F) 2006 (C)

If you read my posts during the past week, you know that I have been assessing my health a year after my heart attack. Overall I rate myself as a “C”. That’s way above the “F” I rated myself in 2005. I have come a long way but have along way to go. I think I am a lot smarter aware of how to recognize and prevent heart disease. I think I have made a commitment to watch my diet and health. I am concerned that I still have not progressed as far as I would like to be.

As I started this series, the husband of a good longtime friend of mine, Jean, suffered a fatal heart attack last Sunday. Within one hour of his heart attack, he was dead. He showed no signs of heart disease. This was a sobering fact to me since Kirk was also 53, very close to my age. I know how lucky I was last year. 1 in 5 who suffer a heart attack die from the attack. That is also why I wrote this series. Many of my friends are similar to me in weight and many habits. It’s easy to think it won’t happen to you but look at Kirk and you know it can happen to anyone at any time.

Watch your diet. Watch your exercise. Watch your stress level. Take care of yourself!

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