2006 in Review

As I sit here at lunch, it seems appropriate to look back on 2006. Here are my joys from 2006.

  1. Heart Recovery – I finished cardiac rehab with a big bang! I credit Chris, my case worker, for a lot of the success. I scored 12.8 mets on the exit stress test.
  2. Hawaiian Cruise – Brett and I had a fantastic time on our April Hawaiian cruise. It was a good celebration of my healing and our time together. Our pals, Al and Keith, made it a good time.
  3. Lutherans Concerned – Brett and I turned over the reigns of InfoX in the spring to the national office. I was elected the Regional Co-coordinator for Region 6. I was very fortunate to attend a leadership retreat that was very transforming to me.
  4. ELCA – There is some good news in our synod. I handily won election as a delegate to the 2007 Churchwide Assembly in Chicago after running as an openly gay candidate. The synod elected a female Bishop with a background of working for the poor, underprivileged and those in the shadows of the church.
  5. Elections – I believe that the years of scandal and pandering to the wealthy have come to an end at most government levels. The government has been returned to the people, to a government which will serve and benefit all people, not just a small, wealthy minority.
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