2007 Resolutions

I’ll post my 2007 resolution here. Maybe it will make me more apt to achieve them.

  1. Lose Weight – I think this resolution appears on most people’s list. I need to get serious about it. Ay my last cardiologist appointment, everything was great in terms of my health other than my weight. I made a promise to Dr. Shaub to lose 20 pounds before my early August appointment. That’s my goal.
  2. Exercise – OK, it’s related to #1 but important enough to list separately. My commitment to exercise waned through 2006. I need to get back into a regular routine for my health.
  3. Time to Relax – I try to free myself from commitments, but I still have too many. That steals time from me and from Brett, in terms of our time together. I am going to work more on saying “no” and letting someone else do it.

I could list more, but I won’t. Let’s be realistic. If I accomplish these, I will be way ahead of where I am today.

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