I am back and looking back

I am back. It’s been a busy year. I always end the year measuring my progress in achieving my wellness vision. I have six years of wellness visions under my belt. In 2011 I switched from New Year’s resolutions to a wellness vision believing that it is much more effective. You can Google “wellness vision” or search my blog to learn more.

My annual wellness vision builds on the prior year’s vision. Over the years, my wellness vision changed but still maintains some key areas of focus. Happiness and being a healthy person are two of the core principles that have remained through the years. My visions have brought me far from my lowest point in 2005 when I was approaching 300 pounds, suffered a heart attack and was recovering from triple coronary bypass surgery.

I am comfortable in saying that I went through a life transformation and made significant changes to my life. Many of these changes occurred when I had bariatric surgery in 2008. I am now a dramatically more active person who eats better and is a much happier person.

Let’s take a look at my progress on my 2016 wellness vision goals.

tomcincyLive a fun fit and active life.

Cycling, hiking and running took the back seat as I transitioned my life towards retirement. I did meet my cycling and hiking goals. Running was another story. I never had the time or energy to devote to running. It pained me to be no-shows at my two half marathons. I knew I was not ready and would hurt myself. I look to return to running in my retirement life.

Live a happy and healthy life.

I am somewhat happy with where I stand on this goal. I was able to do many of my favorite things as life transitioned this year.  Living life where I commute 90 minutes for the work week and return home for the weekend has worn me out.

I slipped on my goal to eat better and maintain a healthy weight. I do own it. I look forward to a better 2017 where this becomes a priority. I never saw myself as emotional eater but the home sale, relocation, and election made me aware that I definitely am one. That is something I must address.

Prepare to live a happy healthy fit and active retirement.

The clock is winding down and retirement is a month away. I have a better picture of what that means today than I did a year ago. Some things are easier to make a reality. I am lining up several bike tours for 2016 and am leading a few of them.

I have always known that I wanted to spend my retirement volunteering in bicycle and rail to trails advocacy. I’ve been doing some exploration but have made no commitments. I am not certain what that involvement will be and with which organizations.

I did encounter something I never considered when moving towards to retirement, the need for comfort. I still have not found that comfort. I left a community in which I was very comfortable. I was highly engaged in activities, groups and had many friends. I find myself in a new community that I am largely unfamiliar with and lacking the things that brought me the comfort I enjoyed for years.

I now live in a rural area where I feel socially and politically foreign with no connection to the aspects of my life I thrived on for years. I know I need to reconcile many things to gain comfort and happiness. It will be the main challenge I will face in 2017.

Happy Holidays!

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