Nice Winter Weekend

This was one of those cold, snowy winter weekends when you stay inside to keep warm and get things done. We didn’t quite do that. Brett and I took Friday off work and went shopping at the Grove City Outlets. It was a good day for that. The cold combined with just a little snow kept people away. The deals were good and we had a nice time. Friday night we had dinner with out pals Mike and Greg at 91 in Jackson Township. It was very good.

Saturday was my quiet day. Brett was gone all day to a church seminar. I spent the day working on my recipe blog, Bearly Edible. I am happy with my progress. I have the site hosting and WordPress setup. I bought a template to use with the site and have started customizing it. It’s well on its way. I need a few more weeks of site setup and a logo. I hope to launch it on March 1.

We finished Saturday night at our friends Tom and Tom’s with a chili dinner playing dominoes until almost midnight. That’s the trouble with double 12s. That and loosing more money when you are flagged. Sunday morning came too soon.
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