Transported back to the 60s

Friday night was our last night in Las Vegas. We made it a very special evening by starting with dinner at Mon Ami Gabi, the French sidewalk steakhouse at Paris. It has won numerous awards for its cuisine. It was superb. We both had excellent dinners I had halibut and Brett had pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon. It was pricey, but we recommend it for a special night out. It’s even better if you can grab an outside table overlooking the Bellagio fountains.

We had bought tickets 3 months ago for the Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage. It is their newest production in Las Vegas and replaced Sigfried and Roy in a spectacular theater. The photo is of the theater entrance. Everything was vibrant mod colors from the 60s. The show was quite unique, as most Cirque shows are. This one a theater in the round where the show enveloped you. It was fast-paced and well done.

One of the most unique acts was where a large parachute covered the stage and then rose to cover the audience rippling above your head and arms. Psychedelic colors shone all through and around it. It disappeared only to be replaced with the theater full of theatrical fog pulsating with the same colors. This was so unique.

We had fabulous tickets, sitting 5 rows up from the stage and at the end of the row next to a ramp where performers entered and exited the show. It was a good time to be close to the stage.

So, now we’re back home. We spent the day mowing, weeding and sprucing up the outside of the house. Reality sets back in.
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