It’s been a rollercoaster weekend!

Brett and I attended the NE Ohio ELCA Synod Assembly at the Knight Center in Akron all day Friday and this morning. I staffed the Lutherans Concerned display in the exhibit area. It went very well. Brett volunteered with registration.

On the other hand, I was working with the Synod GLBT Task Force and 3 area churches on getting a resolution passed to memorialize the Churchwide Assembly to eliminate the ELCA’s policy of discrimination. This change would create fundamental fairness in the ELCA, by neither compelling nor forbidding congregations to consider and call qualified ministers in a committed same-gender partnership. It was discussed passionately for almost an hour over 2 days. I am very proud of the pastors and lay people who spoke on its behalf. The opposing viewpoint resorted to fear tactics on the survival of the Church and the condemnation of GLBT people in the Bible. In the end, the resolution failed by probably a 4-1 margin.

This afternoon we traveled to Cleveland and the Cleveland Pride Festival at Voinovich Park at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was big, well attended and a lot of fun. We ran into several friends. We are very proud of our friend Joe and his parents. They were selected as one of the parade grand marshals and led the parade. Joe is a transgender friend with parents that are the most supportive, loving, caring Christian people we know. Verle and Jean just exemplify unconditional love. They are proof that some Lutherans understand the Good News of Jesus Christ. They are pictured here enjoying the day.
So, it was a rollercoaster day. I am glad we ended it with some good times and good friends.

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