One Week till Chicago and Navy Pier

This coming Saturday I leave for Chicago and the ELCA Churchwide Assembly. I think it will be quite an experience. This past week I received the latest issue of The Lutheran. The Editor’s column spoke about the importance of the assembly.

Daniel Lehmann, the Editor, spoke on the difficulty of discussing sexuality in the Church. He highlighted the fact that this assembly faces numerous memorials concerning sexuality. I liked his take that the ELCA headquarters facilitates discussions, but the message comes from the ELCA membership. That is true and that is why we Lutherans meet in assembly every two years.

I especially like his 12 Points to Practicing Generosity and Overcoming Challenges. They apply to my time in Chicago and here in Ohio.

  1. Pray
  2. Find Common Purpose
  3. Believe the Best
  4. Speak with Love
  5. Listen Well
  6. Be Curious
  7. Let Go of Being Right
  8. Create Alternatives
  9. Look at Ministry
  10. Make Time for Dialogue
  11. Seek Alternatives to Voting
  12. Plan a Wise Voting Process
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