Churchwide – Last Update

This will be my last update from Chicago. I am about to go in for the final session. I will have no wireless until I return to Ohio on Sunday afternoon. Here’s the final on the sexuality memorials.

Through a long series of parliamentary maneuverings, the Goodsoil memorials worked their way through the agenda. Full inclusion, memorial 1, failed as a substitute memorial. The good news is that the Goodsoil memorial 2, local option, passed as a substitute memorial. This is quite a step down the road to inclusiveness.

What does this mean? This memorial allows Bishops to use their discretion in disciplining roistered leaders who are in violation of Visions and Expectations. In other words, a Pastor can remain in his call even if the is living in a committed same sex relationship. But, it is dependent on his/her Bishop refraining from removing him/her. Some Bishops will choose to remove these Pastors. It doesn’t protect all same sex partnered Pastors, but it does give Bishops protection that they need should they choose to allow the Pastor to stay at his call.

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