Chicago Pride Center

Last Saturday night after Churchwide Assembly, I met our friends Al and Keith and their friend Don at Market Days on Halstead. That is a huge street fair that goes for 6 blocks in the Boystown neighborhood of Chicago. It was packed. We ate at Jack’s (The 2nd time I did last week.).

Afterwards, we walked to the new Chicago Pride Center. It is a beautiful building. I was told it cost about $19 million. The first floor has a soaring lobby with a Whole Foods Market off the lobby. The second floor has a lot of meeting space, an Internet room and gym. The third floor has a theater and rooftop deck overlooking Halstead Street.

It’s a shining example of a community center. It was clean and well decorated. People were enjoying a play, coffee, chatting and meeting while we were there. You need to stop in and see it if you get to Chicago.

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