Happy Labor Day

Picnics on Labor Day were a family tradition. My dad built a large picnic pavilion and vacation cabin in the woods on our property before he was married. He used it as a getaway and a place for his bar patrons and social clubs to hold picnics. Our house was built 300 feet in front of it over a hill. It was a beautiful picnic site.

In this picture, taken around 1959, you can see the pavilion behind my dad and our dog, Laddie. Didn’t everyone have a Lassie or Laddie in those days?! I still fondly remember many Hungarian picnics, Dante Club picnics and numerous family and army reunion picnics in that pavilion. Nothing remains of this picnic site. Wally Armour Ford was built in front of it and the pavillion and trees were leveled for parking.

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