Beautiful day on KW

It was truly a perfect day, very sunny. We slept in and spent most of the day walking and shopping along Duval Street. We had an excellent lunch at a small Cuban cafe close to the Southernmost Point of the USA. I know, Cuban two days in a row. It was some of the best food we have eaten on KW and it was so cheap. As you can see we have the most popular pic taken on KW at the southernmost marker.

Later in the afternoon we came back and relaxed on the sun deck at Big Ruby’s. We walked to Mallory Square to see the sunset but got there shortly after it set. We browsed the arts and crafts and watched a few of the side shows. We love the guy with the golden retriever who walks tight ropes. It is so smart. When it sees people with dollar bills in their hands, it retruieves them and puts them in a bucket.

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