Merry Christmas

Christmas Day is almost over. We started the holiday last night with dinner with the Steiners. Afterwards, we went to the Christmas Eve service at St. Mark. We finished the night back at the Steiners.

This morning we opened gifts.We didn’t get anything special or memorable. I got my digital frame for my desk at work. Brett got his Waveceptor watch he wanted. We had dinner with my mom and brother in Alliance. It was pretty good. My mom continues to worsen with her Alzheimer’s, but it’s nice to see her so well cared for by my brother and still at home.

This afternoon we went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets with Mike and Greg. It was a pretty entertaining movie, but it is my type of movie. I just love the Indiana Jones-like movies. It’s worth a visit to the theater. We looked for someplace open for dinner. It’s hard to believe everything in the Chapel Hill area was closed except the Royal Buffet behind the mall. The place was busy and we had a good time

Well, we are off to Brett’s family Christmas tomorrow in Mt. Vernon. It was nice not having to travel twice on one day.

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