Hello Wylie

From the “We must be crazy!” files… We brought home a basset hound puppy from the farm. Brett’s parents’ neighbor Keith found a 8 week old puppy in his drive a few days before Christmas. It’s a sad thing. People drop off unwanted puppies and kittens in the country when they don’t want them. This has to be the case with this pup since Keith is way in the country and down a 6oo feet plus drive. The nice guy he is; Keith took the pup in.

Once we saw him the day after Christmas, we tried so hard to resist hm. He is just the cutest thing. Well, this morning Keith came over to the farm with the puppy, and it’s history. I think his name is going to be Wylie. We have been trying to find a name that fits him. We think he is full basset or at least mostly. He has the face, ears, snout, feet, coloring and tail. We’ll see how he ages. He’s been the perfect puppy all day except for walking over to the Christmas tree and standing over one of Brett’s gifts, sweat pants. They then got watered. LOL.

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