A weight loss journey begins

On Thursday I made my decision to pursue a surgical option for weight loss. I have been on Weight Watchers for about 6 months and have lost 20 and gained back 4 pounds. I like the program but find myself cheating. I seem to always come up to this 250 pound barrier in my weight.

As many of you know, my partner Brett had gastric bypass about 1 ½ years ago and has lost 185 pounds. I have seen his successes, but at the same time did not want to pursue the surgical option. After the complications with my heart bypass, I was not eager to undergo any surgical procedure, particularly an elective one.

After a lot of reaseach and attending a seminar, I saw that the Lap Band weight loss surgery was n option for me. It is a less evasive surgery than the gastric bypass. I have read countless posts in discussion forums and feel that it fits my lifestyle.

I met with the folks at Summa’s Bariatric enter on Thursday and was quite impressed. Dr. Z, who incidentally did Brett’s surgery, is a very knowledgeable, honest surgeon. In my 2 hour visit I became more convinced that the surgery is what I need. It is a tool for weight loss not a total solution. I need to do it for my health, particularly my heart.

What can I expect as results from this surgery? Dr. Z made it clear this type of weight loss surgery requires the patient to monitor his food intake and exercise. You can continue to eat what you want. The surgery makes you want to eat less. So, it takes some initiative on me to make it a success. You typically don’t have the dramatic results that gastric bypass patient do. I will most likely drop to 200-210 pounds. With some real exercise and diet monitoring, I could possibly reach 180-190.

So, what is my anticipated timeline for this surgery? I hope to start the insurance required 3 month physician supervised diet and exercise program by February 15. I will also begin the series of required dietitian and psychological tests. The goal is submit the paperwork to my insurance for approval by May 31. I hope for an approval by June 15. At that time I will undergo a series of pre-operative tests and an Optifast 2 week pre-op diet. The surgery will most likely occur in early to mid July.

I am so optimistic about this surgery. I am sure that you will see updates in this blog and my surgery date approaches.

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